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The Hank Garrett Youth Storyteller Award embodies the special place youth hold in Hank’s heart and is sponsored by Harold Brown and Jane Keller.

Please check the Action on Film web site for the annual call for submissions.

In 2016, the Action on Film International Film Festival announced the inaugural Hank Garrett Youth Storyteller Award.

Purpose: The purpose is to recognize and support youth with creative ideas who have struggled to tell a story—be it a script, a video, a poem, a song, a book, a series of photographic stills—that explore the human condition in all its essence—both the positive and the negative aspects of existing as human beings.  From: funny to serious, happy to sad, triumph to failure—with the courage to share their story with a public audience.

Eligibility: Stories told through songs, poems, scripts, short stories or novels, photography or digital video.  Individuals must be committed students aspiring to go to college—education is important no matter what you plan to do.  And of course, submitters must have a passion for stories.


 Youth up to 14 years can submit work for award consideration.