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Destiny of Tar and Feathers -Timely and tense--I really enjoyed reading this script … Festival Director


Destiny of Tar and Feathers - An exciting read and excellent script congratulations! … Canadian Actor


Devil’s Valley Justice – Your script had a very compelling concept and was full of twists, down to the very end!  Thank you for sharing your story with us … Austin Film Festival Screenplay and Teleplay Competition Director


White Water Rescue - Great script--the action sequences, the outdoors--tons of fun! … Festival Director


Hope is Not a Black and White Rainbow - This is a great script. We've added it to the official selections list…James Harmon Festival Director and Script-to-screen Judge


Hope is Not a Black and White Rainbow – Our readers enjoyed your script.  You crafted an intriguing and mysterious world … Austin Film Festival Screenplay and Teleplay Competition Director


Hope is Not a Black and White Rainbow Reading - The actors LOVED doing your script. There are some terrific performances there …  people really love it already from viewing it online and I hope to chat with you about it in an interview when you're ready … WILDsound Festival Director


20/20: Search for Independence - As a reading script goes, this has a lot to recommend it. The subterfuge going on between the U.S., Canada, China and the Sudan is page turning in itself.  Great montage, the overall story concept is clever and White House scene is cleverly written … as a spy thriller, the script's tone is genre appropriate ... characters are well drawn … the political setting is above average.  It does have a lot of emotional appeal with many plot twists and turns … script reader


Devil’s Valley Justice - you have a very good story …  your character descriptions are very crisp and on point. Clear. Your action visuals are also excellent. Easy to envision and follow There is definitely a story to be told about the current rise in cartel activity in Mexico and along the US border that I don't believe has been really utilized in stories, so great job tackling that subject matter … the ending ties the entire story up nicely, letting the audience walk away with a happy feel-good sense that all has been made right with the world ….script reader


The Invisible Messenger – Close, among the top 10% of all scripts … Nicholls Fellowships in Screenwriting.


A Criminal Action - placed in the Top 20% of all scripts entered in the Nicholl Fellowships competition … Nicholls Fellowships in Screenwriting.