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by Harold Lea Brown


Secrets have deadly consequences, especially in a digital world.


What would soul mates give up to be together?  What would soul mates do to stay together?  On the night of his tenth wedding anniversary Kevin Albright was about to find this out, and so much more.


Kevin Albright is a renowned Internet computer technology security expert, on the verge of finally having it all—a family.  But in an instant he loses a wife and a son as security is breached at the highest level of government and his world is turned upside down.  When he describes the thug who killed his wife, FBI investigators are quick to tell him a person matching the description died years earlier in Central America, while two FBI Agents claim they tried to save his wife and that it was a drug deal gone-wrong.


Kevin suspects the FBI are not sharing the real details about that night and wonders if the United States Attorney General knows what is really going on in the Department of Justice.  He vows to get the killers even if they’re in the government and he has to “die” to do it. 


When he is nearly killed, it sets off a high stakes game of 3D cyber chess on the Internet.  Kevin must play like a chess master to stay alive and close in on an unseen enemy—a “dead” drug lord and partner reincarnated as stealthy information brokers operating in plain sight.  While the FBI and CIA frantically search for those threatening the United States, their information brokering business is thriving—stealing and trading state secrets to the highest international bidder.  They are ruthless, something learned in the drug trade, destroying anyone and everything that gets in the way of their next deal.


Dying to get his wife’s killers, the hunt takes Kevin deep into an invisible Internet underworld, where anyone’s computer or cell phone can be remotely armed to fire invisible bullets and launch sinister attacks; where time, distance and location mean nothing.  Where computer trafficking is more lethal than drug trafficking. Where crime and terrorism are a global electronic game played, won or lost in nanoseconds.  This is the new reality, virtual reality—a world of evil and deadly invisible enemies.