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by Harold Lea Brown


Secrets have deadly consequences, especially in a digital world.


What would you do if you—lost everything?  Were haunted by demons and hunted by an invisible enemy?  Could not trust the FBI or the U.S. Attorney General?  Kevin Albright was about to find out.


Kevin’s world is turned upside down, and the search for answers only leaves more questions and doubts.  The hunt takes him deep into an invisible underworld where he teams up with a woman who shares a common haunting past and a remarkable resemblance to his wife.  But she is hiding a secret, a secret that could kill him.  He knows the only way to locate and force the killers out into the open is to match their ruthlessness and cunning—and then destroy them, and their network, before the clock runs out and they execute their next deal. 


As Kevin closes in on the killers, he discovers evidence that their next deal is about to be launched.  The potential target area—the U.S. east coast which includes twenty-six nuclear facilities, four liquefied natural gas terminals and major high-density population cities—New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Washington.